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Emergency Power LED Light Bulb

EBULB automatically activates in the event of a sudden power outage, lighting your way in the dark and keeping your family safe.

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Don't mind about Emergency

Plug this innovation, high efficiency eBulb into any normal socket or lamp in your house, and the second a blackout strikes…

9 Watt LED - Equivalent To A (60 Watt Incandescent Bulb)
Lights up automatically in the event of a power outage
From Las Vegas, NV, USA Warehouse
800 Lumens • 25,000 Hour Life 3000 – 3500K
Lightweight and Easy to Use
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
How to use EBULB

Use whatever you want!

In entrances
No more tripping over stuff

In staircases

Prevents bone-breaking falls

In bathrooms

Shower & shave with confidence

Outside garages

Safely park & get to the front door

5 Reasons to try EBULB right now

  • Works in your existing light socket
  • Emergency battery provides over 6 hours of light
  • The backup emergency battery charges itself
  • Long-lasting 25,000 Hour Life
  • Simply screw in the HOME SAFETY LIGHT into your socket and start saving money
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What the differs

EBULB VS. Traditional Bulbs

EBULB™ by Boundary
Traditional Bulbs
Equivalent light
9 watts Saving energy AND money
Light during a power outage
Provides up to 4 hours of uninterrupted light during a power outage.
Smart-charging feature automatically charges the unit

Light your EBULB

Features & benefits

EBULB™ turns the lights back on and stays illuminated for up to six hours
It's like having an emergency generator installed - without messy cables or hassles
Use it as a torch or flashlight. It always stays cool to the touch
The EBULB™️ eliminates blackouts from your life forever
When EBULB can help

EBULB in difference cases

In entrances
In staircases
In bathrooms
Outside garages

Technical specification

  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Portable Hook Included
  • TUV Certified
  • Uses 80% Less Energy Than Incandescent Lights
  • Suitable for Anywhere in the Home
  • Equivalent 9-WATT
  • AC Mode 800 LED Lumens
  • DC Mode 600 Lumens
  • LED Lifespan 25,000 Hours
  • Input Voltage: 120 VACS
Thousands of satisfied customers

Over 2 million sold EBULB

During a recent power failure switch the Boundery bulb was seamless. I have 1 in my bedroom and 1 in my bathroom. 
I recommend these eBulbs to everyone and have gifted to my son and daughter.
Ed Miller
These work! These are really neat! I’ve charged them then unplugged the lamp and turned it on and they worked just as stated!! Hope I don’t have to use them but I’ll have them ready “just in case!” A bit of comfort knowing we’ll have light if needed.
Jennie Sullivan
Love this product. Am currently using 1 in a lamp for reading & the other is in the camper for emergencies & to hang outside the camper when outside at night & no other light available.
Shelly Baker
Just received my 4 pack of LED light bulbs. Checked all the light bulbs and they all are in working order. They were packed well and I didn’t have to wait long to get them. I also like the hanger that came with each bulb.
Marion L Bracey
I ordered 8. They came here to Canada very fast. They work really well! Good product for us since we seem to experience many power outages.
Karen Tiedeman
I really like how bright they are and how easy to use. I don’t know how they hold up over time, I just got them. We just had a hurricane. They are wonderful when your electric goes out.
Anne Carey
Don't give a chance to Emergency

Emergency Power LED Light Bulb